About us

Welcome to Foodiepackers, a blog about food, culture, and travel.

We are Chris and Ana and we started this blog to share food stories from around the world.

We met in Laos, when Ana sat across from Chris at a long picnic table belonging to a street stall selling fried veggies. Chris mustered the courage to start a conversation, Ana was charmed – and soon the two were deep into a conversation about the virtues of hot sauce. The rest is history.

Together, we’ve traveled through Bali, Morocco, and across southern China from east to west. We’ve road-tripped through West Africa on a mega 4,000 km journey. We’ve ambled the streets of Mexico City, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Lisbon, always in search of our next meal.

We also travel solo. In our messages to each other, we talk about what we’re doing and seeing, but mostly we talk about what we’re eating, what we’re drinking, and where we’ve found the best coffee in town.

From street food to tasting menus

In eating around the world, we are fascinated by the endurance of local traditions as well as the mixing of cultures that comes along with global exchange. We are reminded that these fusions are both very old and very new.

Food is our way to explore and to understand the world we live in. Through food and through wanderlust, by being curious and open-minded, and above all, by being good eaters, we’ve forged our own relationship and we’ve formed enduring friendships with people around the world.

This blog is a written and visual record of the meals we’ve eaten on the road, the sights what we’ve seen, the lessons we’ve learned, and the people who we’ve met along the way.



Ana loves experiencing new places through food and she is always interested to know what the locals are eating. She has lived in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Cusco, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Niamey. Ana’s favorite place for food is Vietnam for its cuisine´s balanced flavors and abundant use of fresh herbs.

photo of Foodiepackers Chris



Chris’s main motivation for traveling is tasting new, delicious foods, so you will find him on a little plastic stool at the night market most of the time. From all the places he has been to, he loved Shandong and Malaysian food the most. He has lived in Berlin, Montpellier, Ulaanbaatar, Niamey, and Islamabad.